Designer + Digital Historian

JENNIFER studied fine art, marketing, and history during her undergraduate degree. She is a digital historian, photographer, and designer. Keil shares her design work on this site in the Archives. She completed her M.A. in Public and Oral History. As a proprietor of 70 Degrees, she co-founded a digital history company. She is an designer, consultant, archivist, curator, and digital historian. As a consultant, Jennifer specializes in archives, exhibition, digitization, and design using the best practices. Jennifer conducts historical site visits to support non-profit organizations with oral and public history tools. She is helping develop the Moulton Museum and is the organization’s Archivist.

Jennifer’s passion for digital history evolved from an interest in computers since the age of three. Her college coursework in computer and information science has enabled her to enhance organization’s technological portfolios. As an entrepreneur, Jennifer became a Graphic and Web Designer in 2006 when she started a design firm in Scottsdale, AZ. She creates websites and executes marketing campaigns for commercial and non-profits institutions. She developed commercial real estate ads. As a managing editor for an academic journal, she learned to contribute to the review process and designed this print publication with InDesign. Currently, she is a UCI vendor for design and editing services. She is a designer and editor for multiple websites with social media accounts using media manager sites like Hootsuite and Later. As an entrepreneur, she has been partnered with UCI Applied Innovation where the team printed 3D archival objects and harnessed machine learning application with Google API. She uses STEAM trends and encourages interdisciplinary practices. Keil researches how to adapt the technological trends to the historical market.

She serves as the President for the Southwest Oral History Association. She has been on their board since 2015 and chaired the 2018 conference. She served on the 2019 Oral History Association marketing and award committee for the conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a mentor for new practitioners. She is developing the March 27-29, 2020 SOHA conference at UNLV. Keil created the SOHA news blog and manages their social media.

Keil is on the CSUF History Department alumni council. She is a board member of the Museum of Cosmetic History. Part of her portfolio is working with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Los Angeles office on a digital archive project.